Custom Cap Work

We have, from time to time, completed custom caps that were requested by customers.  The following caps are a sampling of some of the custom work we have done.  If you need a custom cap made, feel free to email us at for a quote.

USAF Khaki Crusher Cap

This is a cap we made for a USAF captain serving a combat tour in the Middle East.  He wanted a summer weight, khaki cotton crusher cap, exactly the same as a WWII cap, with the exception of USAF silver oxidized chinstrap buttons and cap device.  The chinstrap buttons are 1950s vintage stamped “Made in England” on the reverse (probably from Morry Luxenberg) and the cap device is vintage Cold War era.  Nothing about this cap is regulation, but depending on your rank, unit, and commander, you can get away with a lot, especially when serving a combat tour.  We believe the finished product says “Society Brand Quality” throughout.

USAF 2          USAF 1

USAF 3          USAF 4

U.S. Army M1912 Enlisted Service Cap

We get requests for these every once in awhile.  We have made both enlisted and officer’s versions of the M1912 service cap.  These are constructed using reproduction WWI wool serge in the correct light shade olive drab.  The leather is available in regulation russet (shown) or light saddle tan.  We can line the cap with satin (shown) or lightweight cotton twill.  The underside of the leather visor is green linen card, same as most originals.  The chinstraps are the correct 1/2″ width with a dashed groove (not a solid groove like WWII caps) and the buttons are the correct darkened bronze.  We used the original U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps specifications to create the pattern for these caps.

3          2

1          4

5          6

Original U.S. Army M1912 Enlisted Service Cap Repair

We often receive requests from customers to repair an original cap.  It doesn’t matter if it is a multi-million dollar museum, a private collector, or an individual wanting to repair a cap belonging to a loved one, we will be happy to examine the damage and give you a quote.  Feel free to contact us if you have a cap you would like repaired.  The cap below came from a collector who was referred by one of our customers.  It is a very nice early (1915 dated) example of an M1912 enlisted service cap.  The stitching holding the visor and sweatband in place was completely shot.  The customer had previously removed the chinstrap.  After a little patience and TLC the cap has a new lease on life.

M1912 Repair 1          M1912 Repair 2

M1912 Repair 3          M1912 Repair 4

M1912 Repair 5          M1912 Repair 6

U.S. Army Fur Felt Enlisted Dress Blue Service Cap

This cap was a project we did for a sergeant in the Army Reserves.  He had an old fur felt dress blue enlisted service cap he wanted updated to wear with his Army Service Uniform.  We cleaned the cap and added new braid, patent chinstrap, and patent visor, breathing new life into an otherwise unwanted cap.

Original 1          Original 2          Original 3

Updated 1          Updated 2          Updated 3