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How to place an order:

We accept PayPal, credit cards, money orders, and personal checks.  If paying by personal check, we will wait to ship the merchandise until your check clears.  If paying via PayPal, simply use the “Add to Cart” buttons to add items to your PayPal cart.  You can view your cart by clicking on the button above.  If paying by credit card, continue using the PayPal cart but at checkout instead of logging into your PayPal account select the “Check Out” option.  You can then pay with your credit card.  If paying via money order or personal check, please email your order.  We will email you an itemized invoice with shipping total for your records.

Our email address is:  societybrandhatco@gmail.com  (Please note:  Depending on your email provider, sometimes our emails are delivered to your junk box.)

Our mailing address is:  Society Brand Hat Co. | PO Box 6312 | Chesterfield, MO 63006

A word on fabric colors:

There were two shades of olive drab and one shade of khaki used for service and overseas caps.  Olive Drab #51 (sometimes called “chocolate” or “green” by some collectors) was used for officer service caps and many higher quality private purchase enlisted caps.  Olive Drab #33 was used for enlisted caps and on post-war officer caps.  Khaki #1 was used for both officer and enlisted caps.

We have spent considerable time and expense ensuring our fabric is identical to the original shades from WWII, and most customers are extremely happy with the outcome.  We have, although very rarely, received emails lamenting the color we use is darker or lighter than the original cap, coat, jacket, or trousers the customer is comparing their brand new cap to.

“Wait!” you ask.  “How can you receive complaints that the shade is too dark from one customer, but too light from another?!”

Because during WWII there were so many manufacturers of uniforms (including caps) that there were differences in shades depending on the particular mill supplying the fabric.  These were the days before digital color matches, and at its peak, the US military had over 12 million men and women that needed uniforms.  The Quartermaster Corps supplied inspectors with color samples which they used when inspecting uniforms, but a degree of variance was permitted between the produced uniform and the government supplied color sample.

In addition to the millions of garments produced under government contracts, there were millions more manufactured for private purchase.  As officers were, and still are, required to pay for their own uniforms, most officer garments from WWII are from private manufacturers and tailors.

The difference in shades is quite obvious if you compare five or six samples, all from different manufacturers, side by side.  In our collection of original caps, Olive Drab #51 varies from a rich dark green to a coffee brown with a greenish tone.  Olive Drab #33 varies from dark brown to green drab.  Khaki #1 varies from camel to beige.

So, will our caps perfectly match your original 1942 dated service coat?  We have matched our fabric to the most common shades of olive drab and khaki from WWII, but there may be a slight variance between your original (or reproduction) uniform and our fabric.  If there is, just remember this:  it didn’t always match during WWII, either.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Where are your products manufactured?

A:  Most of our products are either manufactured in the United States, or are assembled in the United States.  A very few of our products are imported from other countries.  Those that are imported will state so in the item description.

Q:  What is the difference between products that are manufactured in the U.S.A and those that are assembled in the U.S.A.?

A:  Products that are manufactured in the United States are produced with American labor, using only materials purchased here in the United States.  Products that are assembled in the United States are produced with American labor, but some of the materials were produced in a foreign country due to lack of availability here in the United States.

Q:  Why are your products more expensive that the ones from Hong Kong Harry?

A:  Most of the merchandise coming from the Middle East and Asia (especially the caps) are garbage.  Leather from those countries is cured in goat urine.  We aren’t making that up.  That’s why cheap leather products from Pakistan and India smell so bad and also why it is hard and sometimes brittle.

Q:  Why are many of your products cheaper than the high end retailers?  Is it lower quality?

A:  Very few retailers do what we do; that is, provide aviation related merchandise.  Because this is a specialty market, many of our competitors charge a premium for their products.  We try to keep prices affordable, and we will not charge premium prices simply because we can.  Our merchandise is every bit as good (and in many cases better) as the other, higher end retailers.  When it comes to our caps, we believe we are providing the highest quality headwear on the market, and we are doing it much cheaper than the other retailers.

Q:  How long does it take for my cap to arrive after I have ordered it?

A:  Each of our made-to-order caps is tailored specifically to meet the needs of each customer.  Our caps can be ordered with different colors of satin lining and mohair braid (on officer’s caps).  Because of this, we keep very few caps in stock.  The majority of our caps are made-to-order, not in stock and ready to wear.  Depending on order volume, it could take 4 – 12 weeks for your cap to arrive.  We encourage you to contact us for a delivery estimate before you place an order, especially if you need it by a specific date.  You can also inquire if we happen to have any caps in stock.  Please remember that all delivery estimates are just that, estimates.  It could take longer unless we promise to get it to you by a certain date.

Q:  Will you make any of your caps in a custom size?

A:  We can manufacture our made-to-order crusher caps in any size you desire.  Simply email us with your request.  Our overseas (garrison) caps, baseball caps, and Flighters come in standard sizes (7, 7-1/4, 7-1/2, etc.).

Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  Please contact us first to receive a Return Authorization (RA) number.  All returns must be made within 7 days of receipt.  All returns must be in new, unused condition to receive a refund.  Shipping will not be refunded unless the mistake is ours.  Customized caps (any cap produced with custom materials, colors, or sizes) cannot be returned unless the mistake is ours.

Q:  Do you sell your wool?

A:  No, we do not.

Q:  Do you provide fabric samples?

A:  For a small fee we will send you fabric samples.  Simply email us your request.

Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A:  Yes.  We do not ship to North Korea, Iran, or Nigeria.  There may be a few other exceptions.  Please contact us before you make any purchases for an international shipping quote.

Q:  You used to provide a free package of Beemans Gum with every order.  Why did you stop?

A:  Unfortunately the owner of the Beemans Gum brand, Cadbury Adams, has decided to stop manufacturing their delicious pepsin flavored gum.  Since this unfortunate decision, the gum is no longer available.

Q:  I would like to order a cap.  How do I know what size cap I wear?

A:  Use a tailor’s measuring tape and place it around your head about 1/8″ above your ears, crossing evenly over the middle of your forehead.  Be sure to hold the tape snugly but not tightly.  Please see the chart below to convert the measurement to the correct cap size.  If the measurement falls between two sizes, go up, not down.

Size Chart

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