WWI Caps

U.S. Army Officer’s M1912 Service Cap

The M1912 Service Cap was standard issue for Army officers from 1912 until a new pattern with a longer visor and a larger diameter top was offered for optional purchase in 1921, then becoming the standard in 1927.  Often referred to as the “Pershing cap” due to its association with the commanding general of the American Expeditionary Force, General John J. Pershing, who was rarely seen not wearing his service cap.  Although officially replaced by the overseas cap for troops deployed outside the United States, many officers continued to wear their service caps in Europe, perhaps most notably Douglas MacArthur, who wore his service cap in combat instead of a steel helmet (he also wore his cap without the stiffener, as a precursor to the crusher cap).

Our caps feature custom wool serge in the correct WWI shade of light olive drab and khaki cotton twill lining.  They also feature original olive drab mohair braid, top grain leather chinstrap and visor dyed light saddle tan (very common among WWI service caps; russet brown also available upon request), and custom blackened bronze chinstrap buttons (replaced by shiny brass buttons in 1924).  Cap device is not included.  Made to order; please contact us for estimated delivery time.

Made in the USA.

M1912 Officer Service Cap 150

Price:  $299.99