Service Caps

Our fur felt service caps are exact reproductions of pre/early WWII service caps.  These caps were popular beginning in the early 1930s until the end of WWII.  In late 1944 a new regulation fur felt service cap in a dark brown drab shade was standardized, and that cap eventually replaced these lighter shade olive drab caps, but there is no doubt many of these earlier caps continued to be worn into the post WWII period by those who owned them.

As officers were, and still are, required to purchase their uniforms, many opted for the higher quality of fur felt caps.  These caps were worn by both US Army Air Corps (later renamed the US Army Air Force) officers and officers in the regular US Army.  Fur felt caps were extremely common among pilots in the pre/early WWII period.  The first crusher caps were these regulation caps with the stiffening ring (or grommet) simply removed.  Photos prove these caps were worn, both with and without the stiffener, by pilots throughout the war in every theater of operation.

Made in the U.S.A.

Fur Felt 150 dpi

PRICE:  $299.99